July 21, 2020

A Whole New World for Jazmine

Princess Jazmine wants to know…

“When did you last let your heart decide?”

Jazmine was transferred to VOCAL from Marion County Animal Services along with her eight, 5 week old pups. She mothered them with tenderness and skill, and they have now all been adopted. Jazmine has impressed and delighted our shelter volunteers with how loving and affectionate she is. People who are new to her are immediately greeted with a trusting smile. All through her nursing confinement she waited for her regular potty walks without having accidents in her kennel area. Currently, she is in foster care in a home with a cat (who is clearly her boss), and children. She is learning more each day about life as  an inside dog, and how to navigate the expectations that go along with all that. She does well on a leash and enjoys an easy stroll sniffing about. Jazmine may have had some other training in her past because she already knew “sit”. Her eager temperament and desire to please will make it easy to teach her other things. Jazmine was an excellent mother to her puppies, all of which have since been adopted into loving homes. It’s time for Jazmine to have her Disney fairy tale happy ending…  Jazmine is ready for 🎵 “A Whole New World,” – with you!

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