Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Age Group: 7 years 5 months.
Age Group:Senior
About Angel: Want the best dog ever and one that is EXCELLENT with kids? Then meet Angel!  She is confident and so easy to make friends with. Here are some things her shelter buddy, David would like to share about her...   Angel loves physical contact with her human. When I'm sitting, she will put her front legs in my lap and tuck her head under my arm and wants me to hug her. She will do that for long periods of time. She loves to chase the ball and sometimes she actually brings it back to me. She really likes to run, it's one of her favorite things to do so she might make an awesome running partner. When we are in a big fenced area and she's off leash, she runs off but always comes back to me. She runs right at me - it looks like she is going knock me over but at the last minute, she dodges around me and rolls on her back wanting to be petted and engage in some roughhouse time.  When I've taken her for a ride in the car, (MacDonalds is a favorite destination), she is pretty good but does try to get from the back seat to the front seat so you have to let her know who is the boss. Angel doesn't care for cats at all and can be dog selective. Most of the time at VOCAL her kennel neighbors are puppies and she gives them kisses through the fence. She is a sweet girl and really exceptional with children and she would be truly devoted to her family.  Are you that family?