Breed: American Bulldog/American Staffordshire Terrier
Age Group: 11 years 11 months.
Age Group:Senior
About Athena: Athena has the grace and wisdom of a mature dog but is lively enough to run after a tennis ball...only problem is, sometimes she doesn't want to bring it back! She is smart, very attentive, treat motivated (but takes them gently), and even knows tricks like paw and speak. On her special trips to Wendy's she rides well in the car sitting in the back seat like a lady. Volunteers take Athena on weekly trail walks and she has met horses, other walkers, other dogs and plenty of bicyclists - she met all with calm interest. She was curious about the horses but wanted to keep her distance. However, she did crouch and back away from a boisterous little boy who approached her too quickly, so we probably would not recommended her for small children.  She loves to sniff! She loves to give kisses! We have additional pictures and videos of her playing - just ask.