Breed: Plott Hound/Terrier
Age Group: 9 months.
Age Group:Young Adult
About Dorothy: Sadly, Dorothy and her sibling, Jonas were found abandoned and locked in a shed so when they came to VOCAL they were both pretty frightened pups. We were happy to get them into foster homes as soon as we could!  While her brother made quick progress and has now been adopted, Dorothy has needed a little more rehabilitative care -- but she is delighting us with strong and steady progress! She is learning that humans can be kind, gentle and even fun and a lot of her recovery can be attributed to being around happy and stable dogs in her foster home. We would want Dorothy to continue to have this kind of canine support in her forever home. In the meantime, she is learning a lot - to be comfortable in a crate, to enjoy physical contact with her foster mom and even starting on some basic obedience training. She picked up on the dog doors in her foster home very quickly and house training has not been an issue at all. :) Dorothy is still quite puppy-ish so needs plenty of toys and occasionally needs to be redirected from chewing on something that is not a toy. She really enjoys the other dogs and is learning so much about how to play with others and when to be polite and leave them alone! She is a tiny little thing and way cuter than her picture!!