Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog
Age Group: 2 years 7 months.
Age Group:Adult
About Duke: Duke is a happy, happy youngster with two speeds - play and lay. He is very dog friendly and definitely enjoys romping with the dogs in his foster home plus others who come over to play. Currently he uses a dog door to go outside so there have been absolutely no housetraining issues. When foster dad is away from home, Duke has freedom of part of the house and the yard along with his canine buddies. He knows sit and LOVES affection. Duke is friendly with every human he meets. His foster papa really enjoys having Duke next to him on the couch when he watches TV - often Duke will roll over on his back with all four feet in the air. He says, "He is the best dog!" We've put together a little video for you to see Duke in action. Please copy and paste this URL to your browser as we cannot make it a live link.