Breed: American Bulldog/Hound
Age Group: 1 year 1 month.
Age Group:Young Adult
About Frick: Frick and his brother, Frack came to us in poor shape. Frick had mange and a cherry eye. Since arriving at VOCAL the pups have made a fantastic recovery and even getting all their fur back. Frick is now a healthy and happy pup. Frick does well with other dogs and loves to play. Frick is a very sweet and loving pup. We think Frick and Frack might be Bulldog-Hound mixes and are large dogs. Frick is a young adult and ready for a forever home. Frick is looking for a home that will continue his training and give him lots of love. If you can give him that, he will love you forever! Put in an application today for Frick!