Breed: Chihuahua/Dachshund
Age Group: 9 weeks.
Age Group:Baby
About Goldie: With her golden features and freckled face, and incredibly long legs, this gorgeous dog is a stunner! But don't let her beautiful face fool you - Goldie is all about playing. She has been the most confident and fearless of the puppies since the day they were picked up, and her head was the first to pop up out of the carrier. She loves toys, and anything she thinks is a toy, and plays with her sister and mama until she falls asleep in place. She also loves food - wet food, dry food, treats, etc - this skinny girl can eat! We have not heard her bark yet, but she does growl when she wants to get her way, usually when she is playing or when someone gets near her food. She is affectionate and enjoys snuggles and puppy kisses, but above all else she adores belly rubs.