Breed: Boxer/Labrador Retriever
Age Group: 2 years 5 months.
Age Group:Adult
About Jack Frost: Jack Frost is an incredible young man looking for his new forever family. Mr. Frost is a fun-loving, energetic soul that is so full of love it will absolutely overwhelm you. If you are looking for a dog that is ready and willing to please (as long as you’ve got treats in hand, of course), Jack Frost just may be the guy for you. He LOVES his treats and will need someone willing to monitor his food intake as he doesn’t have an off button when it comes to food. Jack has been living in a home environment with a couple of other dogs and has gotten along with them wonderfully. He could play all day long and still have energy to spare. He gets along best with his cute new crush, Karma. Karma and Jack enjoy playing a long and winding game of chase every evening before bed. Jack enjoys both being chased and being the chaser depending on who has the white, chicken flavored Nylabone. Jack does a great job sharing his toys and hasn’t shown any food aggression or resource guarding. Jack would do well with another dog to romp around and play with. Because his energy levels are SUPER high, he will require an intense form of exercise daily. We think Jack would fit in great with someone who enjoys hiking or running, or someone who would be ready to teach Jack the art of fetch. He loves to run, run, run and we believe he may have just enough Labrador Retriever in him to catch on to fetch easily. Jack has mastered the command “sit” but still needs someone who can be strong and consistent in his obedience training. He seems to pick up on training cues and commands quickly if there is food involved. Walking on a loose lead is still a bit of a challenge for Jack, he currently requires a lot of reminders but is fairly responsive to both a nylon slip lead or a gentle leader and a little tug reminding him not to pull. In addition to sit, and learning not to pull on a lead, Jack usually goes into his crate with a little gentle coaxing each night before bed. He is crate-trained and has never had an accident in his crate. We also believe he is house-trained (no accidents yet) but may need some reminders in a new environment. Jack Frost is ready to be your next adventure companion… and how could you possibly resist that cute smile!