Breed: American Bulldog
Age Group: 3 years 10 months.
Age Group:Adult
About Phoenix: Rescue dogs always have a back story and Phoenix's story is typical...found as a stray,  emaciated and just heartbreaking to look at. The present story is of course quite different. He is a healthy weight, his coat is glossy and richly colored, and he sometimes reminds us of a gangly but exuberant adolescent - he is a dog learning to live a new and happy life. Phoenix is also learning new behaviors. He listens well and can follow some commands. When his Shelter Buddy goes into his kennel she has him sit for a treat which he takes gently and then he is easy to leash. He loves to chase balls but often when asked to drop the ball, he will drop to the ground on his back asking for a belly rub instead ! He loves affection and gives sweet kisses. Riding in a car seems to be a new experience but the trips with his Shelter Buddy to Wendy's for a grilled chicken patty are going great! He waits patiently while it is cut it up and cooled and then gently takes each piece from her fingers. Phoenix will need continued training but he deserves a better future. He has abundant love and lots of fun times to give you. He will melt your heart with the searching in his eyes. Will he be yours?