Breed: Poodle/Wheaten Terrier
Age Group: 9 years 0 months.
Age Group:Senior
About Smoke: This ladies man is looking for a home where he is the only male. Other male dogs are okay but no male humans, please! Smoke prefers women and is very leery of men. He will be most happy living with only women. In his current foster home he does well with the other dogs and cats. He does like his own space but tolerates them living with him. Upon meeting new people Smoke is quite reserved and makes them earn his trust. He would do best in a quiet home where there isn't a lot of commotion or people coming and going due to his limited social skills and preference for peace and quiet. Kids are also not on Smoke's short list for his new family. They make him nervous and are too loud and busy for his liking. Smoke's leash skills are excellent and he knows some basic commands. He is perfect in the house and is 100% potty trained. If you have a quiet, calm and stable environment with only adult females please apply! Smoke is waiting for you.