Breed: German Shepherd Dog/Labrador Retriever
Age Group: 2 years 4 months.
Age Group:Adult
About Stormi: "Listen!  I hear you are needing a really good dog. You really need to stop and read about ME - Stormi!" Rescued by a good Samaritan as a stray when she was still just a tiny puppy, Stormi has grown up safe and loved. She is still young (probably born around July 2020) so has a bit more puppyhood to go through, but her size will probably stay about the same, at a nice medium (40ish lbs). Besides being an absolutely gorgeous dog with with a fabulous set of ears, she really has proven herself to be the best of buddies! She's friendly with people, loves to snuggle, good with other dogs and cats,  eager-to-please, knows sit, paw, down and come. Stormi is house trained in her foster home but might need a - she ques by standing at the door. She is comfortable in a crate and that is where she sleeps at night or stays if the family is away from home. When foster mom is at home working, Stormi is napping right next to her. Two more things we really want you to know about Stormi. She is a high-energy pup so we think she would do best with another dog to play with and a fenced yard to run in. Also, Stormi does have a potential special need. In November 2020 she was diagnosed by University of Florida Veterinary Hospital to have a congenital defect (present since birth) technically described as pulmonic stenosis. Wanting to give this special girl the best chance, VOCAL elected for her to have surgery to correct this. We are delighted to share that although she continues on a daily medication as a safeguard, Stormi is lively, athletic and unimpaired. More details can be provided by an adoption counselor after submitting an adoption application.