Breed: Chihuahua/Dachshund
Age Group: 9 weeks.
Age Group:Baby
About Sweet Savage: Sweet Savage looks the most like her mama, with their shared white snouts. As her name implies, she is a wonderful combination of affection and playfulness. For her small size, she is a great climber and jumper and always on the move. But she is also the sweetest and cuddliest of the little family, and greets you each day with exuberant joy - she will literally chase you down if you forget to give her kisses! When not running around with her mama and sister, she loves to curl up on your lap to play with her toys. Like her sister, Sweet Savage loves meal times and sticks around to lick the bowl clean. She recently discovered her voice, and will bark when you're too slow in making her food or when her sister or mama is hogging a toy.