Mimi Eller

Mimi is a true Florida native, born and raised in Miami. Growing up in a big city, stray cats roamed Mimi’s neighborhood and needed to be fed and cared for. So many were hungry, pregnant, sick and needed a home. That is how her passion and desire to help those pets in need grew.
Mimi graduated from the University of Florida, then pursued a career in advertising design in Miami. A few years later, she and her husband moved up to Orlando, where they spent several years adopting more pets from local agencies while trying to help dogs and cats in their local community.
The past twenty-two years have been spent in Ocala, working both in the advertising field and the car business. When not busy working or raising a family, Mimi devotes time to her very spoiled rescue Corgi and six spoiled, well loved and ungrateful cats, all rescues from one place or another. Mimi’s goal is to educate everyone, but especially children and young adults on the importance of spay and neutering, and that volunteering at VOCAL can make a big difference in the life of these pets.