Foster a Pet

We are in desperate need of foster homes for dogs and cats. If you always wanted to have a pet or a dog but are unable to own them for long periods of time, the opportunity to foster a pet is just what you need!

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience for both foster parents and the animals whose lives are saved and changed forever.
 Foster Application

Benefits for Pets

Foster pets benefit from living in a home rather than a shelter. First, pets benefit from the experience because they get to enjoy ongoing human interaction and love. Second, this type of environment allows for better observation of their true personality, which can help in their adoption.

Benefits for Humans

Pet fostering allows people to experience various kinds or breeds of pets, which can help in making an informed decision about adopting a pet. Those who foster a pet also experience the joy of knowing they’re helping pets find a loving home. This is one of the most direct ways you can help an animal.

Here’s how VOCAL’s pet fostering program works :

  • You provide a temporary but caring home for a dog or cat, puppy or kitten.
  • You choose the type of animal you’d like to foster in your home. We can help you select a pet that’s right for you and your family.
  • VOCAL provides all veterinary care, food and supplies needed to make your foster experience enjoyable and worthwhile.
  • VOCAL puts your foster pet’s photo and information on our website to help with its adoption.

VOCAL works with animals exclusively from Marion County for our pet fostering program. Whether the animals are owner surrenders or transfers from Marion County Animal Services, all of our animals come from our local community. Please consider making a positive difference in the life of a foster pet today. Check out our dogs or cats available for foster care or apply to be a foster parent today!