Developing Solutions: We’re Fresh, Unique and Different

A new era in animal welfare has arrived.

The VOCAL Community Clinic and Resource Center is the first of its kind in Marion County! In 2015, our founders, Linda Norman, Kate Rengel and Lauren Carpenter initially envisioned a low-cost spay neuter clinic to stop overpopulation at its source and to provide support for people who care for unwanted and under-resourced pets. Today, the VOCAL Community Clinic and Resource Center is often a lifeline to pet parents who need veterinary care for their animal, but find it prohibitively expensive.  

VOCAL’s Tammy Green Daniels Fix the Future Fund was originally created to assist caregivers with the cost of spay-neuter to prevent more births of unwanted animals with no place to go. As we began to understand the challenges and barriers to our mission of solving the homeless pet problem, our dream expanded to meet more of the needs of our animal community. 

Preventing overpopulation through sterilization was just the first step. 

Fixing the future for our community’s pet population is so much more than spay and neuter surgeries. Pets need preventative care, and pets need relief from the pain of ear infections, decayed teeth, allergies, and skin issues. Sometimes they need life-saving surgeries that were just not financially feasible for some owners, leaving euthanasia as the only solution.  VOCAL’s Community Clinic and Resource Center has helped pet parents avoid that painful decision and instead given them the gift of life.  

Keeping pets in their homes (and out of shelters) by providing medical and food resources to pet parents who need a little help, was the next step and VOCAL took it. Providing resources to rescue organizations such as reduced cost surgeries, low-cost dental care, and pet food from our warehouse enables them to help more animals. Providing solutions for feral cats and helping their caregivers with spay-neuter, medical care for hurt or sick cats, and food ensures that colony cats can live healthy lives outdoors and gives needed support to the people who love them.

Local shelters are often over-capacity. VOCAL’s Community Clinic and Resource Center stands ready to provide practical support to “good Samaritans” who find stray animals and take them into their home and off the street. People love animals and so do we! We know that we will not solve the homeless pet problem through adoption alone. We are fortunate to live in a community that has embraced the concept of “no kill” and has taken death off the table as a solution to pet overpopulation. Solving the homeless pet problem takes all of us working towards a common goal and the commitment of citizens who want to live in an animal friendly community.


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