How to adopt a pet from VOCAL

Have you found a pet that you like on our adoption page and now you are wondering how to adopt from VOCAL? The very first thing to do is submit an application! We are a foster and volunteer based group, so the majority of our animals live in our volunteers’ homes. Because we are volunteer based, we DO NOT have set visiting or business hours like a normal shelter. This is why we ask for an application first to get the process started. The application requires no commitment from you, if you decide later on the animal is not the right fit.

As an organization founded by animal advocates and solely supported by volunteers, we truly see the animals in our care as family members. With this in mind, consider for a moment the thought processes you would go through if you were re-homing one of your beloved pets. You probably just thought of several questions you would want answered (for both the pet and the future owners sake) and considered a few steps you would take to ensure it was a great match! We believe you would expect any organization handling the adoptions of dogs and cats to have a process that is both thorough yet as expedient as possible.  Below we have outlined what you can expect from our adoption process.

Step 1: Volunteer Adoption Counselors review the applications (contact landlords, veterinary offices, etc). We receive a large volume of applications and since we are all volunteers, we only contact the applicants we feel are the best fit. We do our absolute best to review all applications. We always make the decision that is best for the animal.

Step 2: Volunteer Adoption Counselor contacts the best fit applicants via phone to discuss details of the application and answer any questions the applicant may have.

Step 3: If the applicant and the volunteer Adoption Counselor agree that the animal and their home sound like it could be a potential match a home visit is scheduled.

Step 4: A volunteer brings the animal to the applicant’s home for a meet and greet/home visit. At the home visit/meet & greet the volunteer who brings the animal evaluates for safety and overall fit in the home. We want to make sure everyone is happy and that the match is perfect!

Step 5: If the pet and the applicant seem to be the perfect match, the animal has found its new home and the adoption is complete!