November 11, 2019

Live it Up with Lionel!

Lionel is a loveable, 6 month old orange tabby kitten out on the prowl for his forever home. He has grown up in a foster home with his litter mates and several other animals, so he is well socialized and accustomed to indoor life. Like most kittens at this age, Lionel is adventurous, and curious. His hobbies include scampering around on his cat tree, playing with the other cats in his foster home, and purring loudly while receiving pets and scratches from the people in his life. At the end of each day, (once he has had a chance to get some of that playful kitten energy out) he’d love to have a nice lap to snuggle up in, and he’s hoping it just might be yours! We can promise he will bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart.

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