Local Rescues & Shelters

Are you looking for rescue and shelter resources within Marion County for your pet? We always want to focus on trying to help keep pets in their homes and out of shelters before discussing intake or surrendering a cat or dog. Unfortunately, we know sometimes there are circumstances that prohibit our outreach programs and shelter diversion tactics from keeping the pet in their home. Below is a list of local rescues and shelters with contact information. Each group’s contact information and program highlights are listed.

Voices of Change Animal League (VOCAL)

  • Phone: (352) 289-0800
  • Website: http://www.vocalforpets.org
  • VOCAL intakes animals based on availability and temperament
  • VOCAL is a private, non-profit organization funded by donations
  • Outreach programs focused on keeping pets out of shelters
    • Spay Neuter Assistance: Fix the Future Fund
    • Trap Neuter Return Program
    • Pet Food Bank: Project FEED

Marion County Animal Services (MCAS)

Humane Society of Marion County (HSMC)

  • Phone: (352) 873-7387
  • Website: http://www.thehsmc.org
  • HSMC intakes animals based on staff evaluations and does intake by appointment.
  • HSMC is a private, non-profit organization funded by donations.
  • HSMC is a no-kill shelter facility.


  • Website: http://wagsanimalrescue.org
  • W.A.G.S. intakes animals based on foster availability.
  • W.A.G.S. is a private, non-profit organization funded by donations.

Sheltering Hands

  • Phone: (352) 840-0663
  • Website: http://www.shelteringhands.org
  • Sheltering Hands is a private, non-profit organization
  • Sheltering Hands focuses on feral and homeless cats in our community.
  • Spay-neuter services for feral and owned cats
  • Cat rescue and adoptions

SPCA of Marion County

  • Phone: (352) 362-0985
  • SPCA is a private, non-profit organization
  • SPCA is foster based, and takes in animals based on foster availability
  • Medical grant to assist pet parents in need of financial assistance.


We know the homeless pet problem in our community is large and will require all of the above groups to work together collaboratively to achieve our vision of ending pet homelessness and having shelters/rescues exist only as safe havens for extraordinary circumstances. Until then, we will continue to work together with groups in our community toward the common goal of helping animals.