Low Cost Procedures

A very common reason for animal surrender in the past has been loss of income or low income.  Pet owners are often faced with the gut-wrenching decision to receive treatment for their pet, or surrender that pet to a rescue or shelter to save its life.  At our community clinic, we want to help owners keep their pets happy and healthy and in their home.

As the climate of animal welfare is changing, more and more people are looking for resources to help keep their pets instead of surrendering them to rescues and shelters.  We applaud you!

If you have been quoted a price at your veterinarian for care that you absolutely cannot afford, we may be able to help.  Take a look at what our clinic offers.

Our Clinic Tech, Tracy, Operations Manager, Karen, and Dr. Isaza excited about using our new dental machine!

Common Procedures:

Dental Cleaning: $315 (extractions additional)
Heartworm Treatment (Covers 3 injections, all exams & medications): $315-$630, depending on size of dog

Other Services & Procedures (Please contact us to discuss pricing):
Leg & Tail Amputations
Cesarean Section
Cherry Eye Repair
Clip & Cleaning of Wounds
Cryptorchid Surgery
Entropion Repair
Exploratory Surgery
Hematoma Repair
Mass Removals
Jaw Wiring
Prolapsed Rectum Repair
Skin Cytology

Contact us at 352-289-0800 EXT. 806 for more information or via email clinic@vocalforpets.org

We are fortunate to have very experienced and skilled veterinarians that perform these surgeries.  One of our veterinarians, Dr. Isaza, taught surgery to veterinary students at the University of Florida.  Her expertise is unmatched and we are so grateful to have her performing these services safely and affordably at our clinic.

Our clinic accepts cash, all major credit cards and we also offer payment plan options through Scratchpay. Please click the button below to visit Scratchpay and learn more.