May 22, 2019

Oscar and Oliver…Oodles of Fun!

What’s better than one character of a cat? How about two bonded brothers? Oscar and Oliver are a pair of extremely loving and playful orange gentleman, who are known for their entertaining antics. Whether they are working together to procure a bag of chips from the cupboard for a middle of the night snack, or playing a game of tag on their cat tower, these two are just a hoot together. When they are all tuckered out from their escapades, they very much enjoy cuddling… with each other, with the dog, with people, with whoever is available! Their foster mom reports that Oliver is the more outgoing of the two, while his friend Oscar finds pleasure in lounging around. These brothers are past the “kitten” stage at 2 years of age, but they are young at heart, and just waiting to enrich your life.

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