Our Core Values


It has been said that the definition of insanity is to do the same things and expect different results.  At VOCAL, we determined early on that positive outcomes for homeless and unwanted dogs and cats in our community required out of the box thinking and solutions.


Our employees, board members and volunteers understand that it takes teamwork to accomplish our mission and goals.  We all bring our strengths to the tasks at hand and help each other to focus on the end-game.  No egos allowed. Respect is more than a word.  It is required to be on the team.  Being open to new ideas is also part of the teamwork equation.


Compassion is a pre-requisite in the animal welfare world.  Our compassion for the animals in need is a driving force.  Our compassion is not just for the animals though.  People who find themselves in situations beyond their control that affect their family pets, or animals they took in unexpectedly, are treated with compassion and respect.


At VOCAL we are transparent in everything we do.  We have earned the platinum rating from Guidestar, a nationally recognized charity rating service.  Platinum is the highest level awarded.

Courage and Commitment

It takes courage and commitment to work in the animal welfare arena.  The highs and lows can be extreme.  In the end, the happy endings that we are a part of help us to continue to work to change the sad ones.