Our Goals


Increasing access to spay-neuter surgery for certain low-income pet owners and for feral cat caregivers is one of the goals of our Community Clinic & Resource Center. We believe that sterilization of feral and community cats must be a priority. Our focus is large dogs and pit-bull type dogs, as these types make of majority of homeless dogs in our community.

Pet Retention

Helping people keep their pets instead of surrendering them to a shelter, or abandoning them is a strategic focus for VOCAL.  Our Project Feed – Pet Food Bank provides food and some supplies to pet owners and caregivers in need.  Our goal is to meet the needs of our community and expand the program.

The Vocal Community Clinic and Resource Center offers healthy pet services to the public through our monthly Shot Clinics. We also offer low-cost spay-neuter services to the public as well as our rescue partners.  Additionally, we offer low-cost specialty surgeries and wellness services.


Helping our animals get adopted faster will open space for other animals who need us.  One goal is to implement behavioral training for the dogs in our care.   Increasing our available foster homes will also enable us to take in more animals. That goal will be met by increasing our volunteers who are willing to foster.


Building strong partnerships with other animal welfare organizations is a key goal.  We want to see a coalition that collectively addresses the issues that our dogs and cats face in the current environment.


Speaking up is certainly at the heart of our mission and our name- Voices of Change Animal League.  We believe that silence is not golden when it comes to the animals who count on us to advocate for them.  We are speaking out on developing a plan to achieve a true no-kill community and we are speaking out on behalf of abused animals who are caught up in dog-fighting activities and breeding for such.


We are conservative in our approach to our finances.  None of our three founders take any salary so that overhead remains as low as possible.  We are debt-free.  Although we are a young organization, we have established an endowment for future funding as it grows.  When someone leaves us money in their will or by naming us as a beneficiary of their life insurance, that legacy goes directly to the endowment so that VOCAL will be sustained as an organization that positively impacts animals for future generations