Key Volunteers

VOCAL is not your typical animal welfare group. Our dedicated group of volunteers set the pace for efforts to help the local pet population. We all work together for the betterment of the animals in our community. To learn about our key volunteers, please continue reading.

Charlene Lowe

Adoption Counselor

Carla Martens

Cat Adoption Counselor

Kathleen Medjuck

Adoption Follow-up Team Leader

Kathleen is from Nova Scotia and splits her life between there and Salt Springs. She worked in medical administration previously but always wished she had done something that involved dogs. If Kathleen sees a dog, she has to say “Hi!” After the passing of her beloved furbaby, Max, Kathleen and her husband decided they wanted to foster while they recovered from their loss. They found VOCAL by chance, started fostering their current furbaby Ellie, and bonded almost instantly. It was a foster failure. After adopting Ellie, Kathleen reached out to VOCAL to see what else she could do to help animals in need. She started helping out with our adoption follow ups and is now one of our Adoption Follow-up Volunteers. Being able to be part of the follow-up process and help someone while they are bonding with their new furbaby is so rewarding to Kathleen.

Mimi Buendia


Mimi has been a successful law professional for many years, but her love for animals moved her to pursue a career in their behavior and well-being.

She is an Animal Behaviorist Counselor certified by ABC College, specializing in dogs and cats. She has been with animals all her life, and she has witnessed how frustrating is for humans to be unable to communicate with their pets, or to have a broken relationship with them, due to lack of understanding. She solves this issue by using the concept of positive obedience training. Through her work, Mimi’s goal is to make your dog trust, respect, and love you.

Lynn Keeney

TNR/Community Cat Coordinator

Lynn has always been a lover of dogs. From the dogs of her childhood to her 6 current furkids, she has had the pleasure of sharing her life with some 23 dogs. In 2007 she and her husband Rafe began to volunteer with a beagle rescue and by September of 2016 had fostered approximately 125 beagles and beagle mixes. Lynn says fostering has become a very happy addiction! In 2016 she said goodbye to her good friends in the beagle rescue and joined VOCAL. She has become an active and key volunteer with VOCAL where her main role is coordinating the TNR program. In addition to working so diligently with VOCAL’s TNR clients, Lynn also actively fosters for VOCAL.

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