Pet Memorial

Do you have a beloved pet that you would like to memorialize and honor? Our pet memorial wall allows you to pay tribute to your past friend while helping support our mission to solve the homeless pet problem in our community. All proceeds from pet memorials go directly to aiding animals in need right here in Marion County.

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Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae was always the prettiest girl in the room. She was truly a golden girl. Everywhere Daisy went she made friends and fans. We are grateful for the 15 years that she was part of our family and the leader of our dog pack.


Tinkerbell was a shy, thoughtful girl. She was a loving foster and took a piece of our hearts when she passed. Her time came much too soon at the age of 2 due to an aggressive form of skin cancer. While we were sad she never found her forever family, we were honored to be her fosters and provide love to her when she needed it most. Her loving eyes will always be a reminder of how grateful rescue animals are for care and affection. We're donating this pet memorial in your honor, Tinkerbell. So your memory can live on and help other animals in need. While we will always miss you, your life will be a reminder to us to cherish every day and provide as much love and care to animals just like you. Always in our hearts, sweet girl.


Samantha joined our family unexpectedly and immediately made herself at home. She enjoyed her days sleeping on her large dog bed, being loved on by two little boys and eating lots of yummy food. Six years with Samantha went faster than we could have imagined and she filled out home with lots of love. We miss her every day and hope she is resting easy in doggy heaven. We will love her forever. RIP, Sammie girl.


Jerry was almost euthanized twice when he was a puppy because of neurological issues he was born with. Instead, Jerry and his sister Dot came to live with us and overcame their disabilities and led normal lives. Jerry left us too soon as he was only 8 when he died, but he will always be remembered in our hearts and memories. Thank you Jerry for being part of our family.


I met Mabel when she was just 4 months old and was an emaciated and frightened puppy. Her head hung low as she tried to make herself as small as possible while she wrapped herself between my feet. Still cowering, she looked up at me and slowly her tail started to thump the ground with a barely discernible motion. Hope came into her eyes. Mabel had deep emotional scars that the healing bite marks on her body only hinted at. She had the misfortune of having been born a pit bull. Too timid to be a fighter, she had been cruelly used as a bait dog to train others. I longed to take this puppy home to join my "pack" but it wasn't to be. I had to be content with our visits at the rescue where she lived. Mabel died unexpectedly. In life she couldn't live with me, but in death she came home where she is buried in my yard. Her grave is marked so that everyone will know that Mabel the homeless pit bull was deeply loved in her short, tragic life.


Bo was an alumni of VOCAL and was an award presenter at the 2019 FurBall. His adopted parents were so glad to have him as part of their lives. This memorial is being made by his dad's golfing buddies. At only 5 he left us way too soon but he had a great life with his human parents. Bo was awesome!!!


Bo was found homeless and once we adopted him, his life and ours changed forever. His quiet demeanor was the perfect fit for VOCAL's Doggie Diplomat Program and he was the first dog to launch that program and visit The Bridge. Everyone who met him loved him and he gave that love right back to the community. Whether walking through the neighborhood or taking a golf cart ride to the dog park in Stone Creek, Bo always enjoyed people he met, along with his dog-pals. He was an amazing traveler and he joined us on our many drives to Ohio, Virginia and Big Pine Key, while authoring "Post Cards from Bo" on VOCAL's FB page. He wrote about awesome rest stop adventures and family time with his pup-cousins. Bo's five year old life was shortened all too quickly by the diagnosis of an aggressive cancer and we had to help him "cross over the Rainbow Bridge". Bo, we will forever miss you and the love that the three of us shared. You were a shining star, a ray of sunshine and truly a gift from God.