Our Programs

At VOCAL we offer programs and services that are beneficial to pet owners here in Marion County. We believe there are lots of
facets to owning a pet, so we want to make sure pet parents have all the resources they need. And most of all, we want to keep
pets in their homes, so all of our programs are geared towards helping animals stay with their families.


Community Clinic & Resource Center

The main goal of our organization since our incorporation in 2015 has been to open a low-cost spay and neuter clinic. After working tirelessly and fundraising for four years, this dream was realized in April 2019 with the completed construction of our new state-of-the-art clinic. The services our clinic offers in Marion County focus on overall pet wellness and spay and neuter of feral cats.  As our mission has evolved over the last several years, we have seen the need to expand services in our clinic beyond just spay and neuter and focus on affordable vaccinations and surgery for pet owners.


Pet Food Bank

Our pet food bank supplies food to families who need assistance. We believe in keeping pets with their owners and in their homes. Our pet food program, Project FEED does just that; it provides food to animals who may otherwise be surrendered due to financial hardship. We are proud to provide food and supplies to families to help them more comfortably keep their cats and dogs.


Trap, Neuter, & Return (TNR)

The most humane option for truly feral cats is trap-neuter-return. Through this process, cats are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, given a rabies shot, ear tip, and occasionally wound treatment, and returned to the location they were trapped. We are proud to have a group of volunteers who assist with trapping community cats each Wednesday. Visit our TNR page to learn more about our fast-growing program.


Rescue & Adoptions

While our focus on rescuing and re-homing animals is smaller than other organizations, our adoptions and rescue team does an amazing job finding wonderful homes for around 200 dogs and cats per year.  Since our focus is Marion County, all of the animals in our care come from our local community, with the majority coming from our county shelter, Marion County Animal Services.


VOCAL is exists to solve the homeless pet problem in Marion County. We believe we can solve this problem through community involvement and offering needed services such as spay/neuter of feral cats, food assistance, TNR services and adoption for those pets who have no place else to go. We are passionate about our mission and the animals in this community. If you have questions on any of our services, feel free to contact us.