Flea and Tick Prevention

Our Gilbert is happy & flea free!

Gilbert knows all about flea and tick prevention.

Gilbert, the dog, is our mascot here at VOCAL. When he came to us, he had suffered from flea and tick bites and all that is involved with that: the scratching, the biting, the whole bit. Like many pets with fleas, he had scratched so much in one place that his coat was very thin in that area.

Here at VOCAL, we hate to see pets going through so much misery and discomfort. That’s why our veterinarian prescribes flea and tick prevention medication for all of the pets that we help with our fostering and adoption programs.

If you live in Florida, flea and tick prevention is a must for your dog or cat. If Gilbert could talk, he’d tell you that himself, as would your own pets.

The tick and flea medication uses insecticides that are not harmful to pets but are deadly to the fleas and ticks. Most of these products feature a variety of chemicals, each with a different task to accomplish. While one chemical kills the insects, another prevents the maturity of larvae and eggs, while another features a slow-reacting ingredient that allows the insects to live long enough to carry the poison back to their nesting site.

To get your dog or cat relief from those pesky insects, visit our drive-thru clinic and ask us about flea and tick prevention. We’ll suggest products that are both safe and effective for your pet. We wouldn’t have it any other way here at VOCAL. We’re all about ensuring the health, safety and well-being of all pets in our community.