Our Services: Heartworm Prevention

Living in Florida we experience a lot of mosquitoes. Not only are these little bugs pesky to humans, but their bites can also cause major repercussions in our canine and feline friends. Well, sure, the bites themselves are probably itchy to the pets, that’s not the major issue. The main concern is centered around how mosquitoes transmit heartworms to animals through a single bite. Animals become infected with heartworms after being bit by a mosquito carrying the parasite.

Once an animal is infected with heartworms, they must be treated as soon as possible to prevent the worms from rapidly growing and reproducing. An animal left untreated with heartworms can suffer major complications and ultimately death if nothing is done to treat the infestation.

So, you are probably thinking, how do I prevent these little pests from infecting my precious fur-kids? Well, the solution is very simple: keep your pets on monthly heartworm prevention. There are several different brands of heartworm prevention, but they all do about the same thing. Most importantly, they keep your pet from contracting deadly heartworm disease. So, for a small monthly amount your animal can live a longer, healthier, carefree life free of heartworms.

Have more questions on heartworms and heartworm prevention? Visit one our drive-thru shot clinics for a heartworm test or to purchase heartworm prevention.  If your dog is already infected with heartworms, we offer low-cost treatment as well.