Growth Initiatives

Growth Initiatives
Growth Initiatives
$19600 Needed
Growth Initiatives

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Paint Exterior of Office/Shelter
We are fortunate to be located on 22.5 acres with a structurally sound building and space for our animals to reside until they move into foster care or adoption. When we moved into the building, the previous owners had never painted the building. Now that we have been there 2.5 years, it is time to paint the exterior of the building. While it is eye appealing, painting the building, painting also addresses cleanliness. Painting the exterior of the building seals the the concrete block and allows us to maintain a clean and safe environment for our animals.
Automated Gate for Entrance
Keeping our property secure is important to us. We have animals who rely on us to keep their living environment safe and stress free. Replacing the original (broken gate) to our property with an automated cantilever chainlink gate will allow us to keep our property secure after hours and when volunteers are not available to meet the public.