Spay-Neuter Assistance Program

Our Spay-Neuter Assistance Program: Fix the Future

With the help of supporters of the Tammy Green Daniel’s Fix the Future Fund and grants, VOCAL is able to offer low-income pet owners with spay-neuter financial assistance. We believe that spay and neuter should be accessible to every person at every income level, and we know that prevention is the key to
controlling pet overpopulation.

Are you in need of spay or neuter surgery for your pet, a feral cat, or a stray you have taken in?

  • First, we recommend visiting TLC PetSnip’s website to see if you can afford their low-cost
    pricing. They are located here in Ocala at 2532 SE 17th Street Ocala, FL 34470
  • If you cannot afford the total amount of TLC PetSnip’s pricing, please apply for financial assistance through our subsidy program by clicking here.
  • If you are feeding a feral/stray cat or feral cat colony, please apply for  assistance with trapping
    and spaying/neutering by clicking here to submit our TNR Assistance Application.
  • If you have already filled out one of the assistance forms and received approval for assistance,
    please make you payment by clicking here.

Please understand that while we offer assistance to any size and breed, we do prioritize cats and large
mixed breed and pit-bull type dogs for surgery. Please also understand that our funding is limited in
amount, and grants that we receive may be limited to a specific breed or location. If funds are not
available at the time you apply, your pet will be placed on a wait list until more funding is available.