Contribute to a Family in Need

Sometimes pets end up at a local shelter because their owners experience a variety of circumstances that are beyond their control. This could be the loss of a job, illness or death of a family member, foreclosure, relocation or more.

Families typically do not want to part with their pets but they find themselves unable to provide and afford the needed care for their pets.

Here at VOCAL we want to help these local families be able to keep their pets, which is best for both the owner and their pets. Like you, we hate to see pets separated from their owners. This type of situation rarely ends well for the pet.

There are several ways you can assist us in helping local pet owners.

Tell Us About  A Family In Need

If you know of a family who is need of help to financially support their pets, please contact us at VOCAL. We will interview the family and help assess their needs. Through our website, social media accounts, newsletters and community connections, we will enlist support to help this family keep their pets.

Contribute To A Family In Need

If you’d like to help a family like this, you can donate directly to them through VOCAL. You can donate food and supplies for the pets. You can also donate money. We’ll make sure the funds you donate go directly to the purchase of food, supplies or medical care for the pet. Thank you in advance for contributing to this worthy effort.