August 20, 2018

Totally Tuxeda

Hey everyone! My name is Tuxeda, and I would love to tell you all about myself! I just celebrated my first birthday, and I came to VOCAL when I was just 7 months old. A nice person found me in one of the neighborhoods of Ocala, hurt and scared. Thankfully the people at VOCAL got me to this person they called a vet and he fixed me right up. My jaw had been injured and my tongue was all cut up so my foster mom had to tube feed me and nurse me back to health. I was worried at first as I had no idea what was happening, and who all these new people were, but quickly warmed up and now I love people! Other cats are fun to play with, and I even like dogs too!! If you think we might get along, please contact VOCAL at or call 352-289-0800, or apply at

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