The Importance of Flea and Tick Protection

Flea and tick protection is not only important for your pets, it’s also important for you and your family. If your dog or cat has fleas or ticks, it’s only a matter of time before they are in your home, on you and the rest of your family.

About Fleas

Fleas often come from stray animals or neighborhood pets who wander through your yard. The fleas lay eggs in your yard, which produces more fleas that jump on your pet. That’s when the problems begin.

The most common problem caused by fleas on your pets is flea-allergy dermatitis. This occurs when fleas inject saliva into your pet’s skin, which typically causes an allergic reaction. Dogs and cats bite and scratch in the areas where they have been bitten and often lose their hair.

Since fleas are blood-sucking insects, they can cause young pets to become anemic and even die if there is a heavy infestation. Fleas can also transmit tapeworm to our pets.

About Ticks

Dogs typically get ticks from walking through tall grass or wooded areas.  There, more than a dozen diseases pets can get from ticks including Lyme disease, tularemia and others. Many of these diseases can be fatal to pets.

To get the best flea and tick protection, consult your veterinarian to see what products are recommended for the area where you live. Such products are typically very safe and effective in controlling fleas and ticks. And these products work better than over-the-counter products, such as collars. The insecticides used in many over-the-counter products don’t work well because fleas are resistant to them.

Don’t let this problem happen to you. Start protecting your pets today! Visit the Flea and Tick Prevention page on our site to see how we can help you. VOCAL’s clinic will provide low cost flea and tick protection. Please donate to our goal of opening a low cost clinic.