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There are approximately 40,000 unaltered cats & dogs in Marion County

An unaltered female dog can produce an average of 16 puppies a year. An unaltered female cat can produce an average of 15 kittens per year.


Marion County has limited resources for low-income pet owners

Pet owners often are forced to rehome their pets when they cannot afford to care for them. Lack of financially feasible veterinary care is one of the top three reasons for pet surrenders.

Shelters and rescues are consistently at capacity

Although our community has joined the No-Kill movement, there is still an abundance of homeless pets with nowhere to go.

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Pets Who Need A New Home
Breed: Foxhound/Beagle
Approximate Age: 8 weeks.
About Spiderman:
Breed: Foxhound/Beagle
Approximate Age: 8 weeks.
About Iron Man:
Breed: Foxhound/Beagle
Approximate Age: 8 weeks.
About Hawkeye:

More animals that need your help:

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The Truth About Breed Discrimination

When people think of dog breed discrimination, they often think of pit bulls. The term “pit bull” is most often used today to describe a dog of a certain appearance. Dogs that are referred to as “pit bulls” or “pit bull mixes” commonly have breeds in their lineage such as Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bulldog… View More
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A Whole New World for Jazmine

Princess Jazmine wants to know… “When did you last let your heart decide?” Jazmine was transferred to VOCAL from Marion County Animal Services along with her eight, 5 week old pups. She mothered them with tenderness and skill, and they have now all been adopted. Jazmine has impressed and delighted our shelter volunteers with how loving and affectionate she is. People who are new to her are immediately greeted with a trusting smile. All through her nursing confinement she waited for... Keep Reading
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