What You Need For Your Pet License Tag

Here in Ocala and Marion County, all pet owners must register their dogs, cats and ferrets that are four months old or older with a county license.  The cost for a pet license tag is just $8 for a juvenile pet or spayed/neutered pet and $40 for pets who are not spayed or neutered. You can also buy a  three-year license for convenience sake.

If you don’t have a license for your pet, you could receive a citation and fine beginning at $100.

According to the Marion County Animal Center, licensing your pet has the following benefits:

  • Pet licensing helps your pet find its way home: The county license serves as a secondary form of identification should your pet become lost or injured. There may be other pets that look like yours, but only one has that particularly license number.
  • Licensing your pets keeps it safe from disease: The county license is proof that your pet has received its vaccination against rabies. This keeps your pet, you and others safe from this disease.

You can purchase pet licenses from the Animal Center, 5701 SE 66th St. in Ocala. Certain local veterinarians also sell licenses. Another option is to mail a copy of the proof of your pet’s rabies vaccine and a self-addressed stamped envelope and your license will be mailed to you.

Animal Services will keep track of your pet license tag and send you a reminder about upcoming renewal dates for both the license and the rabies vaccine.

The Animal Center also offers rabies vaccines from 2 to 3 p.m. each Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.