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People posting pictures of their pets on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat has caused increased attention in pet social media. Because of this, the team at VOCAL has established its presence on Facebook.

We think social media is a great tool for VOCAL. We use it to post photos of our animals that are in need of adoption. This helps to give these animals greater exposure and increases their chances of being adopted.

Once we post a photo and offer information about the pet, those who follow us on Facebook begin liking the photo and commenting. Some even share the photo post, giving us even greater exposure. We always appreciate those who comment about and share our photos.

In addition to photos of our available pets, we also post stories and links to articles that pertain to what we do here at VOCAL. We like to help inform our followers on issues that are close to us and our cause.

We also post photos and information about upcoming pet adoption events that we are participating in. We hope you will help us get the word out about these events.

When we get photos of our pets at their new homes, we especially love to share those. As much as we love our animals, we love it when we can post a photo of a family adopting a new dog or a family enjoying time with a foster pet.

If you are following the pet social media trend, follow us on social media and join the conversation. We look forward to connecting with you!

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“I’ll never let go.” Jack & Rose. ♥️🌹🐶🐾

Our fosters are what make our rescue & adoption program successful. They are tirelessly dedicated to welcoming pets into their home, teaching them the skills they need to be successful for adoption and lovingly sending them on to their new adoptive homes. It’s a selfless job and one our volunteers do so well. Sometimes though, there is a special foster that finds a place in the volunteer’s heart and an adoption is meant to be. That’s the story for our guy Jack & his foster, Rose.

Jack came into our care in 2019, Rose became his devoted shelter buddy and came every Wednesday to take him out for car rides and to different spots in Ocala (restaurants, stores, parks…). After several months Rose decided she wanted to try fostering him with her pack. We weren’t certain of his social skills with other dogs but with slow and careful introductions he joined her pack without any issues. Jack waited in foster care for over a year, meet & greet after meet & greet but no one seemed to connect with him. A few weeks ago, Rose decided this might be a sign and adopted him. Maybe she was never supposed to let go? After all, they are Jack & Rose. ♥️🌹
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Blessings and thank you 💙🐾. Happy Gotcha Day Jack❣️

LOVE foster fails!!!!! Congratulations 🎉 🐶

Thank you to Rose and all the staff and volunteers! Jack, you are one lucky dog! 😍

Wow!! Yay, such great news. This is the best match. I don’t understand how people didnt connect with Jack. I connected with him my first week volunteering. He is such a good boy.

There r no words Rose u r a Awesome foster mom.So delighted for you & Jack. I have to agree It was meant to be a foster Fail! Miss seeing u at vocal. Make lots of New Memories. I like your other pooches! 💕🎉🙂

Meant to be. Have a happy life Jack.

Happy life Jack

That’s awesome❤️

So happy !!

Wonderful. Best Wishes!


That's awesome!

Wonderful story!

Love this

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Are you ready to meet Mr. Right? Then Bojangles is your man and our volunteers have nicknamed him "Mr. Steal Your Heart." Watch his video and see why he's the man you have been missing in your life.

He's ready for his happy adoption story. Help make it happen for this deserving boy. Application link to adopt is in the comments. <3
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Apply to adopt by clicking here:

Oh my, that adorable face!! Great video, someone’s going to be lucky to adopt Mr Steal Your Heart 💜

We love working with Faithful Friends Pet Rescue and Rehoming! Thank you for trusting our clinic to routinely provide spay/neuter and wellness services to your adoptable animals! 

Great job to our clinic team who hustled today taking care of all our clients. 🙌💯🐾

We love working with Faithful Friends Pet Rescue and Rehoming! Thank you for trusting our clinic to routinely provide spay/neuter and wellness services to your adoptable animals!

Great job to our clinic team who hustled today taking care of all our clients. 🙌💯🐾GOOD MORNING!

Today we have close to 30 - yes you read that correctly THIRTY - dogs getting spayed and neutered this morning at our partner clinic, VOCAL - Voices of Change Animal League, Ocala! This is an important step on their journey to their forever families! We will have lots of puppies ready for adoption this weekend so keep an eye on our page and website ( for some newly adoptable Faithful Friends!
Send all your pawsitive vibes to the clinic and pups and kitties! #ffprr #faithfulfriendsprr #almostadoptable #pawsitivevibes #partnership #VOCALforpets
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Exciting news!!!!

Do you remember our video last week promoting Miss Delilah? Well, she’s since been adopted and is living happily with her new dad! ❤️💯🐾🥳

She had been in our care originally since 2017 (then known as Violet) and was adopted in 2019 for about a year. Sadly she came back to us at the end of 2020 when her adopter became ill. Delilah luckily was able to go back to her awesome foster and wait for her second chance at adoption. At 10 years old, she is finally HOME. We are so happy for our gorgeous girl. But wait, there’s more!!

Delilah’s new dad knew she had been fostered with cats and that she was very fond of them. He didn’t have any other animals and was worried she might be lonely. So, he adopted a cat, too! But not just any cat - Lonnie. Lonnie was a black kitten that originally came into our care in 2016 and not adopted until 2018. (He was continually overlooked as a kitten). He finally got his home in 2018 but was sadly returned to us in February 2020 after his adopter passed away. Lonnie was also able to go back to his original foster and wait for his second chance at a forever home. He met Delilah and his new dad and it was love at first sight. 🤩🥰🙌

The 3 of them are happily enjoying each other’s company and our two special long-term residents are finally HOME. ❤️❤️❤️

A huge thank you to our adopter for opening their home to two types of animals that are continually overlooked in our field when it comes to adoptions: black cats and pitbulls. These two really lucked out!

And special thanks to our committed fosters who not only fostered them once but twice. Once a foster, always a foster. We appreciate you both so very much. And, thank you to our volunteer who made the video promoting Delilah. Without the video, Lonnie & Delilah could still be waiting on their perfect home.
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In my office hanging is still the VOCAL pamphlet featuring (Violet) Delilah on the front cover in her hat! Hope we had one to give him.

Linda, Sorry we haven't talked lately. I miss seeing you. Tyrone has problems with memory and forgets what things are for, so I'm stressed out. I love him with all my heart. Thank you for all you do for the precious animals. Talk to you soon.

Such a heartwarming story! Wonderful news.

That is so wonderful!!!! Thank you everyone!

What a absolutely wonderful happy for all 3 of them 🐾 💙💙❤🐕🐈

This is such a wonderful story. Congratulations Delilah and Lonnie, may you live out the rest of your days in love and happiness 🥰

She was my favorite so happy for her

Wonderful story, thanking all the fosters that help this happen.

That is such a beautiful, happy-ever-after ending… and new beginning!

Great update. Thank you all for your caring & sharing. Now is the time for make lots of memories .Yay🎉💕💕💕

Awww, great news! She is a sweetheart 💕

What a wonderful story!!💜💜💜💜

So happy for Violet/Delilah! Loved having ice cream nights with her and other volunteers.

This is so awesome! Made my day! 🥰🥰🥰

I absolutely love this! ❤️

That’s awesome. Have a great life Violet/Delilah. You are one of my favorites.

Wonderful news!

Excellent story! Thankyou Vocal!

Love a happy ending!! 💕💕💕💕

Violet was my favorite! What a sweet sweet girl!

These two hit the jackpot with one of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! Congrats to all!

The best adoption !!

I’m so happy. I love this!!

YAY for Delilah❤💋

She looks so happy ❤️

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