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Welcome to VOCAL's Health and Veterinary Services Blog Archive! As a dedicated animal rescue organization, we understand that the well-being of your pets is a top priority. That's why we've compiled a wealth of articles to guide you through various aspects of pet health and veterinary care.
Woman cuddles a puppy close up to her chin.
How to Foster a Pet: What To Know Before You Start
Do you have what it takes to be a pet foster? Find out more about this special service and how you can make a difference in a pet’s chances for adoption. ... [Keep Reading]
A bowl of food is being given to a dog who waits in the background,
Pet Food Bank Basics: Supporting Families in the Community
Learn about the VOCAL Community Clinic's pet food bank in Ocala, Florida, and its crucial role in aiding families and pets. Our latest article sheds light on this important communi ... [Keep Reading]
Large litter of stray kittens
Why Should You Spay and Neuter Your Pet?
Deciding to spay and neuter is an important step for responsible pet owners. Get the answers you need about this standard procedure. ... [Keep Reading]
dog having foreleg prepped for an injection.
Low Cost Heartworm Treatment: Options for Pet Owners
Treatment for heartworm positive pets is possible. Find out more and explore our low cost heartworm treatment options. ... [Keep Reading]
A small group of feral cats.
TNR Program for Cats: Helping Feral Felines in Communities
Learn about TNR, the humane method transforming feral cat management in cities like Ocala. Discover how you can contribute to this positive change. ... [Keep Reading]
A dog being fed heartworm prevention medicine.
Local Heartworm Testing: Keep Your Pets Safe
Uncover the critical role of local heartworm testing in pet health with VOCAL. This detailed article sheds light on its necessity and offers options for low-cost pet care. ... [Keep Reading]
Dog getting teeth polished with toothbrush.
Dental Care for Dogs and Cats in Ocala
Clean teeth aren't just for show. Getting your pet dental care is vital to their overall health and can improve the quality of their lives for years to come. ... [Keep Reading]
Cat next to a hand holding a vaccine syringe.
Protecting Our Pets: Ocala Rabies Vaccines and Core Vaccines
In our guide, we delve into the critical importance of rabies vaccinations in Ocala. Find out where to get rabies vaccines and other services that play a pivotal role in animal wel ... [Keep Reading]
Doctor and technician examine a pet together.
A Low Cost Vet Clinic in Ocala, FL for Quality Pet Care
VOCAL's low-cost vet clinic Ocala, FL promises premium care at friendly prices. Explore our comprehensive services, from routine check-ups to dental cleanings, all under one roof. ... [Keep Reading]
Black and white cat in a pet carrier.
Help Your Pets: Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic in Ocala, FL
Good pet care shouldn't be a luxury. That's why VOCAL offers its low-cost spay/neuter clinic in Ocala, FL. Uncover the details of our services and our dedication to pets and their ... [Keep Reading]
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