TNR: Trap Neuter Return

The most humane option for truly feral cats is trap-neuter-return. Through this process, cats are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, given a rabies shot, ear tip, and occasionally wound treatment, and returned to the location they were trapped.

Instances where TNR may be appropriate are where there are large colonies living and reproducing near a place of business or
homes, or even just a few cats that a citizen may be feeding that “just showed up” on their property.

In Marion County, it is completely legal for feral cats to live in the wild, just as a bird, squirrel, or other wild animal.

As long as the cats have a caretaker who feeds them regularly, they will stay in the area and not cause problems for domestic animals or other wildlife.

The process of TNR helps to prevent disease and unwanted litters of kittens, and also keeps a small, managed, cat population from becoming a truly out-of-control situation.

Do you have stray or feral cats living in your neighborhood or place of business?

While we do not currently lend out traps, we do have a TNR team that will come out and help trap the cats and return them to the area.

If this is something that interests you, please fill out our Program Services Application here and start saving lives and preventing more homeless cats from being born.