Our Food Bank

It’s all about Teamwork

Here at VOCAL we believe in working together and supporting others. “Others” meaning people within our community as well as other groups who are dedicated to helping Marion County pets have a better tomorrow. We know we cannot see change in our community without teamwork and partnership. Chewy.com is leading the way by partnering with us and supplying VOCAL each week with “lightly damaged” goods or items that are not able to be sold from their newly opened Ocala distribution facility. We have a team of amazing volunteers who sort and organize all the products each week. Our volunteers and supporters make our work possible. Everything we do, including running this food bank, is done by our volunteers. We are truly humbled to have this new relationship with Chewy and know the impact it is going to make. Positive change is coming to pets in Marion County and we are proud to be on the forefront!




Our food bank is set up to service 501(c)3 rescues in our area. We have rescues who pick up from us weekly to feed the animals in their care. We enjoy servicing and partnering with the rescues of Marion County as well as our neighboring counties. If you would like to become a rescue partner at our food bank,  please email us at rescuefood@vocalforpets.org

Project Feed

Not only are we partnering with rescues in our area to help homeless pets, we are also focused on helping keep pets in their homes. We have worked to establish programs as well as partner with existing programs in Marion County to feed those in need. We most recently launched a program known as Project FEED Marion Co. Pets


Project FEED Marion County Pets is dedicated to provide Food, Education, Encouragement and Direction for those in our county. We are ecstatic to be able to provide low-income families with pet food. We know pets are in need in this county and helping keep them in their homes and out of shelters is one of our main goals. Being able to supply food to families who need a little extra assistance is a game changer not only for this community, but the animals in these homes. Currently, Project FEED is accepting sign up forms from individuals who need food. Click here to sign up.

The following is required for you to receive food:

-Show ID / proof that you are a Marion County resident
-Provide information about your pets (age/weight etc)
-You will NOT be asked to show income proof at this time, however we ask that you do not take food unless you are actually in need.
-This hand out is NOT for rescues or any individual doing rescue work. If you are interested in receiving food for your 501(c)3 rescue please email rescuefood@vocalforpets.org

VOCAL Volunteers in the Spotlight

Have you seen us in the Ocala Star Banner? We are proud of all the work our volunteers are doing and love they are being recognized for all their time! View Article Here.