Want To Volunteer To Help Animals?

VOCAL is a nonprofit animal welfare organization, is dedicated to ending the homeless pet problem in Marion County.  But, we could never be successful without our volunteers.

If you are passionate about helping animals and pets in need in Ocala and Marion County, we invite you to volunteer with us at VOCAL.

We have a variety of volunteer positions available, which you can select when you fill out our VOCAL volunteer application.  From animal transporting and adoption events, to administrative, computer skills and fundraising, VOCAL needs your help to make an impact in our community.

Volunteer Application

Consider any of the following VOCAL volunteer opportunities:

  • DOG WALKER – The mental health of our animals is as important as their physical health. The dogs have wonderful runs and get plenty of exercise so, he primary purpose of a dog walker is to provide human companionship and mental stimulation, as well as socialization.
  • SHELTER BUDDY – This is a program that is essential for our shelter dogs, especially our longer term residents. You will be matched with one animal that you want to spend time with. You can go for long walks, sit in the kennel and read a book to provide companionship, take the animal on errands and car rides, or even on overnight sleep overs.
  • OFFICE BUDDY – This program is closely related to the shelter buddy concept. Taking a shelter dog to work gets the dog out of the kennels and out into the public eye where they can interact and have a fun day. This also helps them get adopted.
  • FACILITY MAINTENANCE – We utilize volunteers to mow, weed, and spray the yards. Also, kennel upkeep is important to keep the kennels and runs safe for the animals.
  • ADOPTION TEAM MEMBER – These volunteers are trained to ask relevant questions of potential adopters in a friendly manner. We work hard to match out animals with the right home and it is not necessarily first come, first serve. In fact, we often take multiple adoption application for the same animal.
  • DOGGIE DIPLOMAT – These volunteers visit nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and a children’s home with VOCAL animals.
  • OFFICE ADMINISTRATION – These volunteers help with various office tasks including, but not limited to, answering the phone, assisting with the newsletter, and keeping up with social media posts.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – VOCAL is “internet based” so the first time a potential adopter sees an animal is going to be through a picture. An animal’s picture can make it or break it when it comes to catching an adopter’s attention so, having just the right picture is so important!
  • ANIMAL TRANSPORT – We need people to take animals to and from adoption events and veterinary appointments.
  • EVENTS – We need people willing to work fundraising events, including raising sponsorships, coordinating silent auction items, checking in people at events, selling tickets, and collecting money.
  • TRAP, NEUTER, AND RETURN (TNR) – Help is needed with trapping cats and feeding feral colonies.
  • FOOD WAREHOUSE – We get food deliveries every two week from Chewy. They supply us with enough food to feed our animals, to help those in need, and to distribute to other organizations. We need people who will sort and stack food, and other items, at our warehouse. Volunteers should be able to life a 50 lb. bag.

When you fill out the VOCAL volunteer application, please remember to list which days you are available during the week and whether you would prefer working with cats or dogs. Once you have submitted the application, our volunteer coordinator will be in touch to set up a time to meet.  Applications may be submitted online or mailed to the address listed on the form.

Because all of our staff and board members are volunteers, each of us knows the importance of the various volunteer duties available at VOCAL. We look forward to working with you to make a difference in the lives of homeless pets in Ocala and Marion County. Volunteer to help animals in our community today!