March 17, 2020

A Home for Hera

Although her name means “Queen,” Hera is the type of cat who prefers to lay low, and enjoy quiet companionship. Hera came into VOCAL’s care with her 7 kittens some time ago. She was an amazing mother to her babies, nursing them and showering them with love and affection. Her kittens were quickly adopted, but Hera is still waiting for her turn. She is still very young herself at just barely 3 years old. Her beautiful calico fur is a striking combination of black, orange, and white, and her eyes are a lovely shade of pale green. Hera would do best in a home with someone who would be patient with her and allow her some time to feel safe and comfortable in her new surroundings. She has a tender heart, a gentle soul, and a lot of love to offer.

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