November 10, 2020

A New Beginning for Buddy

Buddy the cat has had his life turned upside-down recently.

Sadly, his terminally ill owner recently passed on after several weeks of hospitalization.

VOCAL was so glad to give this loving owner peace of mind about her animals by intaking them into our adoption program; it was a priceless gift that allowed her to pass peacefully just two days after they were placed into our care.

Buddy’s dog brother, Carlos was adopted just 3 days later into a wonderful home where he is very loved. However, Buddy the cat is still waiting for adoption. Currently Buddy is in a foster home where he is well cared for and loved, but the best outcome possible would be for him to connect with a loving home where he could feel that he truly belongs. It is VOCAL’s goal to see the owner’s final wishes honored, and for Buddy to be placed into a loving forever home.

At just under 4 years old, Buddy is a the perfect cat age. He’s past his mischievous kitten antics phase, and ready to provide lots of love to whomever adopts him. He has previously lived with a large German Shepherd, so he is a big fan of dogs and would make a fabulous addition to most any type of household. In addition, Buddy is a solid, meaty cat, so if a big kitty is your preference, this chonky boy is for you!

Please help us to bring closure and peace to this unique situation… Buddy is waiting for you!

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