June 7, 2019

Jack of all Tricks… Master of your heart!

What’s brown and white and wiggly all over? Your new best friend- Jack! Jack is an extremely attentive and trainable young fellow, with a happy little nubbin of a tail that beats to its own drum. It beats especially fast when our volunteers approach his kennel with a leash in their hand, or when he gets the opportunity to run and play outside with friends. Jack is 4 years old, which is a great age because he’s just coming into his prime! He loves learning new skills and tricks from volunteers, as well as frolicking with his best dog friend, Cleopatra. And while Jack has basic obedience skills already, he is so smart and eager to please that teaching him fun new tricks will be a real pleasure. With his stunning facial markings and keen intellect, you and Jack are sure to draw gazes of admiration from everyone you pass on your neighborhood walks… but he’ll only have eyes (and stubby tail wags) for you!

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