September 28, 2020

Knock, knock… it’s Nyxie!

“Tap, tap, tap,” That’s the sound of a little tortoiseshell paw gently wrapping on the door to your heart. As is standard for a cat, Nyxie is curious… she would like to know if you have any room for her in your life. She is about 2 years old, and prides herself on her excellent manners. This gorgeous black and orange kitty is as affectionate as she is polite, and clearly enjoys the company of people. Nyxie has the name of a Goddess, which is fitting, as she would like to be the only cat in your home if possible. Nyxie just believes the cat tower should only have one queen. She is accustomed to dogs and has been exposed to children with no issues. If you are ready to answer her call and open your heart and home to sweet Nyxie, please send in your adoption application today… she’ll be waiting.

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