August 4, 2019

Light Up Your Life with Lilly

This week’s adoptable dog is as bright as she is beautiful! Lilly is a gorgeous 4 month old brindle doberman mix puppy. Dobermans are known for being highly intelligent and energetic, and this pup is no exception. Lilly is going to grow into a large dog, so she and her future family will benefit from dedicating some time to basic obedience training while she is young. In addition to being extremely sweet and eager to please, Lilly is also quite keen, so she should be at the top of her class! Recently, her shelter buddy picked her up and took her on a field trip to a few local places to give her a chance to socialize. Lilly was a very good girl, and walked right next to her the whole time without pulling on her leash. She also enjoyed meeting new people, including children, and showed a lot of potential as a quick learner. While Lilly is an incredibly sweet, good-natured puppy, she would probably do best in a home with older children, only because she may accidentally knock a little one down while playing and showing off her silly puppy antics. Perhaps all her happy energy might even inspire you to get into a new routine of walking or running! If so, this pup would make a great fitness partner to cheer you on with each step. Lilly is ready to shine her light into your life, so check her out!

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