December 10, 2019

Nugget is on the Nice List!

We’re sure there are many nice pets on Santa’s list this year, but there’s just one thing on Nugget’s wish list this holiday season… a forever home! Nugget is a beautiful grey and white striped cat, and is about 2 and half years old. She has gorgeous green eyes and sweet, dainty white toes. When it comes to choosing friends, humans are her top choice. As far as other animals, she mostly prefers the the company of dogs over other felines, although she is partial to one other cat, Lenny, who is a kitten that was raised along side of her in the same foster home. She would be a great addition to a home that currently has dogs, but is looking to add a cat. That way she could be the featured feline, just the way she likes it! Nugget is extremely loving toward people and just soaks up attention. We’re hoping to see Nugget find her home in time for the holidays. We know she’s sure to show her adopters that her love is worth her weight in gold!

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