October 28, 2020

Woodstock and Sally are Snooping Around for a Home

Woodstock and Sally are a pair of black and white, 5 month old kitten siblings with the most striking markings you’ve ever seen. Sally has a white face with the cutest black stripe running down her nose- her foster mom says it looks like she is wearing a Dia de Los Muertos mask. Meanwhile, her brother, Woody, has the opposite markings. His face is black, with a nose and chin. They are like 2 sides of a coin, and their relationship with one another is like 2 peas in pod. That is is why we would really love to see them go home together. They will entertain you with all their playful antics and sweet kitten cuddles. Their favorite things to do at their foster home are playing with the dogs, exploring and stalking inanimate objects, and curling up with their foster dad while he studies. If you’re working from home they are sure to bring joy to your “office.”

So apply for Woodstock and Sally today- if you are going to adopt one, may as well double the fun!

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