May 11, 2020

You’ll Be Keen on Katie

One look into her eyes, and you’re sure to be smitten with this sweet orange kitten! Katie is an 8 month old orange tabby. That makes her a bit of a rare find, as the majority of orange cats are males. But, Katie is special in other ways as well. You’ll never find a more loving lap cat, who also has such an entertaining and fun personality. Whether she’s running up and down her cat tree, playing with a toy mouse, or cuddling with you on the couch, Katie is sure to be a terrific companion. Even better, it’s not just people that she enjoys… Katie loves other cats and is also a big fan of dogs, so she would be an easy addition to any household. If you’re feeling keen on Katie, please reach out to us… She just might be your purrrrfect match!

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