Application Success

Thank You for Applying!

Now that you have successfully applied, you are probably wondering what’s next?!

Well, we believe in finding the perfect match for all of our animals. Sometime’s it’s not love at first sight for the animals, so we take multiple applications on all our animals. In other words, we do not select applications based on a “first come, first serve basis.” Accepting multiple applications helps us to ensure we are selecting the absolute best fit home.  After all, the animals are the reason we do all of this, so whatever is best for them is best for everyone else! After we receive the applications, we get right to work! If we feel an applicant could provide an ideal home for that specific animal, we schedule a quick phone screen and discuss the application. Home visits are the next step. If we feel the phone screen satisfied what we are looking for in an adopter, we move forward and schedule home visits. At this step, we sometimes conduct multiple home visits to find just the right fit for our VOCAL cat or dog. After the home visit, we make the adoption decision for the animal. Finding the perfect home is what it’s all about for us here at VOCAL.Please note, we are currently a small, volunteer run group and our resources are limited. We make every effort to touch base with those who apply, but with our current set-up and number of applications we receive, we are not always able to notify applicants if they have not been selected.

We thank you for your interest in our adoption process and appreciate your patience while we go through the applications!