Becoming a Volunteer

Greetings potential new volunteers!
Thank you for submitting your volunteer application.  We are excited that you want to join our team. 
We are no longer doing group orientation due to COVID19 so we are only adding new volunteers that we can match to our actual job openings.  We will pair you with an experienced volunteer initially and ask that if you commit to a specific job/day and time that you know that the animals ( and us) are relying on you. If you are the type of person who can be counted on, then we need you and look forward to meeting you very soon.
We currently have openings for the following positions:
Kennel: Opening Helper-  7am- 10 am – this person will learn to feed the dogs, fill water bowls and sweep out kennels.  openings on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday
Dog walker- this person will walk the kennel dogs.  Current need is on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  You will be paired with an experienced volunteer initially until you know the dogs and feel comfortable.  There is additional online training required for this position.
Shelter Buddy- this position is ideal for someone who can visit one dog regularly and wants to develop a special relationship.  The idea behind this is that the dogs in the kennels need companionship and they look forward to having their “special person” come to see them.  You will be encouraged to take your assigned dog on special outings as able to and even on overnight visits if you have compatible ( or no) animals in your home.
Clinic assistant- make up surgical packs, clean clinic, and cages. Days needed: Wednesday, Friday, Monday. (you will train on Tuesday with an experienced assistant)
Closing Helper- 3-6 pm– this person will learn to feed the dogs, re-fill water bowls, put down clean bedding and sweep kennels.  openings on Monday night, Thursday, Friday, Sunday   
TNR team- our Trap, Neuter and Return team is growing. We need more people to trap feral cats.  This is usually on Sunday.  We also need people who will release them back to their home colonies. This is usually on Wednesday.  Additional online training is required.
Please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Linda Norman at with your interest and availability. Training may take place on a day different from your assignments. We look forward to working with you and having you as part of our team at VOCAL.