February 4, 2020

Becoming Baxter

When Baxter first came to VOCAL, it was apparent that no had cared for him in quite some time. Although he was suffering terribly from a double ear infection and an itchy skin infection that had left him practically bald, he was one of the sweetest dogs to ever come through our doors. Over the past few months he has become a volunteer favorite due to his exceptionally gentle and loving personality. He has a little spring in his step, and his soft, black and white fur is growing in nicely now (although there are still a few patches where it is a bit thin). Please, overlook his temporary imperfections. Baxter has a lot more to offer that can’t be seen at first glance. At 8 years old, he is a senior dog. You will see that in the white fur around his otherwise jet black face, and you will feel it in the confident, relaxed way he carries himself. There is a dignity and grace that is unique to senior dogs, and Baxter definitely has that about him. He deserves to have his best days ahead of him, so we are looking to find Baxter a really special home.  He’s ready to come home with you and soak up all the love and comfort he has missed out on so far in his life.

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